The new way for delivering medication for post surgical pain management.  Hands off, long term accurate delivery of pain medications with programming ability.

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The Medipacs pump is a wearable device designed for single use.  The pump can be programmed to meet the needs of the physician and the patient for each clinical situation.  Medipacs pumps may improve patient outcomes, reduce clinical work-flows and lower injectable medication administration costs. Medipacs proprietary solid-state infusion technology platform is simple yet has features and benefits unmatched by competitive technologies. There are 7,000* patient deaths in hospitals every year associated medication errors.  Automating clinical work-flow in medication delivery impacts root causes of medication errors that harm patients. These errors extend recovery times, and increase morbidity and mortality. Subcutaneous administration eliminates the need for IV access, the potential for an IV infection, and widens the applicability in terms of whom, when and where medications are delivered.

*Institute of Medicine (IOM) To Err is Human:Building a Safer Health System. Washington,DC. National Academy Press, 2000.

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